Expo 2015 Milano (article written in english!)

Expo 2015 Milano (article written in english!)

Dopo il premio alla Gran Bretagna per il migliore padiglione di Expo 2015 per la sua architettura, in classe durante la lezione d’inglese abbiamo osservato, discusso e ricercato informazioni sull’Expo appena concluso.

Did you know?

Unknown-1LOGO  – Three colours (yellow, blue and magenta), four letters (EXPO), four numbers (2015): this is the logo created by Andrea Puppa, an Italian architect.

MASCOT – imagesDesigned by Disney Italia. 11 different characters unite together to form a single face which is that of the mascot called Foody, nice, sincere, wise and found of good, healthy food.

THEME – “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

THE TREE OF LIFE – Unknown It rises to the sky, 37 meters in height in front of the Italian pavilion. With its special water, music and lighting effects that bring it alive in the evenings.


A long history

LONDON – The first big “international exhibition” dates back to more than 150 years ago. It took place in London, the industrial centre of the world, in 1851.

PARIS – The Universal Exposition in Paris in 1889 was organized to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution and it left us with the symbol of the city par excellence- the Eiffel Tower.

ROME – In Rome the area called EUR was designed and built for the expo that was planned for 1942 but which didn’t take place due to the Second World War.



images The next EXPO will take place in Arab Emirates will host the Universal Exposition “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The theme of EXPO 2020 will be focused on progress and innovation.

Martina G. e Margherita G. 3°A Durazzo sede




What do I think?

images“My favourite pavilion was the Australian one, a real forest reproduced in the pavilion. The great Britain pavilion won the prize as the best pavilion. The big hive, which was lit thanks to the vibrations of some bees that were in a nice in Great Britain. I like the exhibition a lot, but I don’t think that they fully respected the main theme.
My sister has worked in 2 pavilions: the Belgian and the Brazilian pavilion. She thinks that it was a great experience. She met a lot of people from all over the world and she had the chance to practice all the languages she had studied”.

Alberto M. 3° C Durazzo sede

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