Above all, students must be happy!

Above all, students must be happy!

Riflessioni sulla necessità di applicare a scuola regole di buona convivenza sociale “emanate dall’alto”, e sulla necessità di rispettare anche i ritmi degli studenti e le loro richieste per migliorare la loro qualità di vita. Contributo scritto in inglese dalla classe 2B Durazzo Sede.

This is class 2B at IC Quinto Nervi, Secondary School.

We would like to talk about our school rules.

Some of them are quite strict and some of them are just sensible. For example, students must be on time and they mustn’ t talk during lessons. Obviously, students mustn’t run in the classroom because it’s dangerous.It  goes without saying, everyone must be respectful.

To tell you the truth, we think we need some other rules as well. We believe that students must use tablets and have their own lockers. There must be some more time to relax and go out in the school garden.

Also, all children must help each other and be friendly. They must smile and be courageous.

Above all, students must be happy!

Classe 2B, Scuola Secondaria di primo grado C. Durazzo

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